Let The Light In

by From Apes To Angels



released March 30, 2020


all rights reserved



From Apes To Angels London, UK

Synthwave band. Debut LP Let The Light In out on 30 March

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Track Name: Head & Heart
All the ones that you love
They will fail you someday
You can't trust what you believe
I have seen what it takes to feel

You just wanted paradise
I just gave you something better
You needed black and white
I gave you all the colours

So count me in I'm waiting for the fall
Count me in I've seen it all

So count me in I'm waiting
Don't you take me for a fool
I knew you before you were born
Track Name: Motorway
A one-way motorway
I'm coming back down to you
What else can I do
I'm caught up

Just give me a sign

A one-way motorway
I'm coming back down to you
What else can I do
I'm caught up with you
And what else can I do
To show my point of you
You've taken over my mind
I can't read the sign

Just give me a sign
Just give me a reason now

Got to show your love somewhere
Show me your love
Track Name: Why Don't You Come Back Home
Our wounds rehealed
No armour here
Head spins like a sycamore leaf
For there's nothing but your freedom in this sanctuary

I don't care what you've done until now
Only that you mustn't do as I please
For the rest of this life

Why don't you come back home
and spend the rest of your life
Why don't you come back home
And spend the rest of your life with me

Grass grows on the memories of all that seems unimportant now

Night forgets dusk
Dawn's turn to clear
And what we've done has only got us here
That should be good enough from here
Don't leave me alone now
Alone now

I don't care what you've done until now
Only that we should do as we please
Track Name: Perfection
I'm sorry if I don't always manage
I'm sorry if I fail at this sweet, sweet marriage
And if I don't get my lines rights
Does that mean I have to cry tonight

I'm only looking for perfection
I'm only trying to be like you
I'm only looking for perfection
And there's no one higher than you

You're only as good as your last fight
And I'm willing to play the game tonight
And I'll win again as I always do
You know I'd do anything for you

And when you open up your eyes
That's when you finally realise
That this whole world is not for you
And you've got bigger things to do
Track Name: Turn The Dark On
Blow out the candle, dim the light
We won't rest in peace tonight
They build a wall around my heart
Divided us right from the start
I can see you everyday but
That won't make the pain go away

And all the king's horses and all the king's men
They won't put my heart back together again
All the queen's servants and all the queen's maids
They don't know

Put on your armour, draw your spear
I'm not leaving you in here
I'll take your life into my hands
And free us from this barren land
So grow your love, don't stoke your fear
We've got time to disappear
The hate that burns into their hearts
We can go back to the start
Turn the dark on

We're going back in time

I don't want to hide inside
We're not meant to be divided
Stand united
Open up and let the light in
Track Name: No Reason
No reason that I understand
We're together but I cannot make amends
No reason if there's no good reason at all

No reason no there's no good reason at all
No reason in just carrying on

I'm sorry if I misunderstand
I'm only thinking about the way you held my hand
I can't let it go
There's no reason to apologise
I'm only trying to find something in your eyes
You won't let it show

No reason no there's no good reason at all
No reason in just carrying on
No reason if there's no good reason at all
No reason in just carrying on
Track Name: Fly (Feat. Femmepop)
Walking home from a system
hey tried to put us in
To keep us in place
To keep us from our dreams
They tried to fence me in
But I can't contain my energy
My individuality

Isolate me
Put me in a box
Where I can't see
Put me down so
I can only touch the ground
Where nothing grows

And the wings that i conceal
Are starting to unfurl
The feathers are pushing out
I was certain to hit the sky
And look down
On all you passers-by

Can't stop dreaming

And even though you think I have nothing to say
I'm going to keep on speaking my mind anyway
The words you gave me weren't the ones that were true
I'm not going to lose this fight with you
And all the promises you made all that up
I know how little power it takes to corrupt
We made a deal and I won't look back again
I'm breaking free my friend

And you can't catch me
When I'm up high

I will fly
Track Name: Works Out
And all I wanted was for you so close
Making up for lost time
And for all I care you've been shredding my name
But I'm so lost when I'm without you

And when I'm through, I will always be with you
And hope you'll find a way
To forgive me

Cos it all works out in the end
It all works out in the end
I know it hurts
but we'll just make it work
cos it all works out in the end

If I caused you trouble
If you were found then lost
Then I share your pain
We have nothing to gain together
But we keep seeking answers
But this question can't be solved

I'm lost without you now
Track Name: K.I.S.S. (Feat. Chrøønicv)
Take my hand I'm only miles away
Look into my eyes, they're Earl Grey
See my skin is fading over my face
Only you can see a slight trace

Turn away I'm dying
One day you and I will be flying

Well it's about time

I never thought that you would wait for me
I was only just looking for love
You never said that you thought we could be
More than friends and I settled for that
Track Name: Grain Barge
You don't have to say it
It was always going to be
A hundred thousand of you
And none of me
For I am made of wool
But I will not fight
I'm waiting for you
You're in my sight

You say you want to fight
I can't see you inside
You say you've got no time
I've seen something divine

I won't fight

And she's toeing the line
And she's becoming divine

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